Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chriko, the Little Monster

It's time to start a new beginning in my blog- I know I haven't written any post since November- but now that it's summer and the nothing-to-do days are here, I can start writing in my blog again.

This time I'll put a short story here about a little monster.

Chiriko, the Little Monster


Up and down went Chiriko, marching along the cracks, jumping across the holes. The echoes of his steps vibrated across the whole building, and shook the columns of cement. It was the most exciting time he had had for years.

It was midnight when Chiriko had found the abandoned building. Carrying a small plastic bag tied to a stick, Chiriko went in. The walls were covered with spray- painted doodles and words. The floors had holes in them, and from the ceiling, water dripped continuously. The columns creaked, and the cracked windows let the moonbeams shine on the gray floor. It was scary, and the shadows around him seemed to tickle his hair.

Chiriko didn't mind the loneliness or suspiciousness of the place. It was the perfect place to be himself. He started with a smile, walking down the path along a chasm of darkness.

After playing echo with the walls, Chiriko had an eerie feeling that someone was hiding behind the shadows.

"Never mind," he said to himself, "I am a big monster tonight."

He went around a column full of red dots, trying to kick off a chunk of wet cement. As he was about to give the column a little kick, he heard a soft sound. It sounded as if there were someone rustling the furry dustballs, disturbing the quiet sound of the crickets. Chiriko pretended it was just a whistle he had let out unconsciously, but actually he was really getting scared.

"Never mind," he said to himself, still brave enough to stutter, " I am a big monster tonight."

Chiriko sat down beside a crack, exhausted and sweating. His tiny little heart inside his chest beat faster than usual. He put his little hand to his head, and almost fell on his back. He was just about to stand up when a big furry thing rammed into him and almost pushed him to the big crack.

"Intruder!" It was the first thing Chiriko heard when he recovered from the shock.

'What's all this useless nonsense about your being big?" the creature glared its black eyes at Chiriko. It was a mouse, bigger than Chiriko! He was a little creature that night!!

The mouse put its furry grey paws on Chiriko's chest, making him fall over again. 

"You may seem big - to yourself. Har-har-har!" guffawed the mouse. "You, big? What nonsense! You're the smallest thing I've ever seen!" Even smaller than those yellow cheesy puffs lying around on the road!"

Chiriko gulped and cringed, paralyzed. He'd never thought anyone would be in the building. When he had finally found his ultimate happiness... why now?

"G-G-Great mouse, y-you are the big monster tonight," he stuttered softly.

"That's more like it. Now kneel down and bow to me."

Suddenly, a great eruption of anger swept away Chiriko's terror. Bow? To the one who had taken away his happiness? He had earned it, with all the hunger and exhaustion he had gone through on his way there. Bow to him? Never!

"Mouse maybe you are not the big monster tonight!" Chiriko shouted in his tiny little voice, now more confident.

The mouse was shocked. "You dare defy me, the great mouse? Why, I'll cut you up and tear you to - OOOAH!"

Before the mouse could finish his threat, Chiriko had bitten his furry hind paw with his small but sharp teeth. The mouse, overcome with pain, shouted and hopped backwards. Forgetting that the crack was just behind him, he fell and died a terrible death. And it all had been caused by the teeth of Chiriko.

" Never mind the mouse," he said to himself, smiling. "I am the biggest monster tonight.

And he went back to playing his favorite activity, playing echo with the walls.

                                                                  THE END

I've been thinking of making more stories with monsters in it. Since it's summer, maybe I should!

Oodles of goodbyes,

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  1. Hi Mattie! Great story! I can just imagine Chiriko frightened and then getting his courage! Maybe you can add drawing to your blog too! I know that you are a wonderful artist! :^) Tita Patsy from