Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Being the Elder

Who here have siblings? I have two younger sisters, so being the eldest, I have many responsibilities towards them. Taking care of them, bearing their whining, lending them my favorite pillow-sometimes it just makes me want to pull my hair out frustration. See what my pencil could write on paper when angry:

An Older Sister's Pantoum 
by Mattie

We wonder why we have to have younger sisters,
More people to share things with?
How it irritates us when they sabotage these!
What makes them think that these things are fully theirs?

Little sisters who we share with
And all their prissy personalities!
The things they have aren't even theirs
They're things just owned before by us!

Adults always side with them and their personalities
Us alone on the other, annoyed and irritated
Be kind to your sister, they tell us,
They have no idea how it feels like to be older!

Have they ever experienced that feeling of being irritated?
Of dealing with unmentionable THESE?
But it is our responsibility, as the older,
To stick together with our sisters!

Who shares my feelings at some point of their childhood life? Shout "Me!!!" if you do! And for those reading who are younger sisters themselves, please do your eldest sibling a favor this afternoon- they do need rest.

Oodles of goodbyes,

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  1. Hi Mattie, I'm the eldest in the family but I've always appreciated my younger sisters and brother! Talk to Josh who would want a sibling! Never mind, when your sisters are older, you'll enjoy talking to them and doing things with them! Auntie Patsy