Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Golden Dinner

I am not a fan of vegetables-like all other children are. But this time, I will make an exception.

 Last Sunday, my mom prepared a special dinner for our family- including our vegetarian uncle. I was sitting down and staring at the TV when my stomach started to grumble and I smelled the scent of something fried. I followed my hungry instincts and went to the kitchen. 

Plates of yumminess!
Do you know what you're having for dinner just when you see its ingredients? I was clueless. The counters on both sides of the kitchen were full of flour, bowls of eggs, spices, and mmm... bowls of raw shrimp and squid. Luckily for me, I was satisfied with a fried kamote (sweet potato) dipped in an exotic sauce. It tasted crunchy with the tinge of salty soy sauce on it. I was now ready to eat...TEMPURA!
Ebi tempura with sauce...!

The Food Testers!-in action (especially Joni)
I was so excited to eat when we sat down. I scooped a serving of rice on my plate and immediately put vegetable, shrimp and squid tempura on my plate. I hastily got a vegetable tempura and dipped the whole thing in the sauce. I then popped it into my mouth, following up with rice. It was so delicious! The crunchy texture and the soy sauce blended really well together in my mouth- I even forgot there was a vegetable inside. If everyday we had vegetables coated in this golden crispy skin and a sauce to go with it, well I would eat them!

I spent the next few minutes eating and savouring the tempura. I loved eating the shrimp tempura-my face practically screamed EBI GOODNESS! Meanwhile, my baby sister Joni was enjoying the dinner too. She was beside me, and she kept placing vegetable tempura on my plate. (Thank you very much Joni.) =) My whole family loved Sunday dinners.

Vegetable Tempura
The squid tempura was a favorite too. I was chewing and grinding its exotic goodness in my mouth. (Sadly, Joni could not eat the squid for it was too firm for her teeth.) The plates of tempura were quickly empty and by that time, we were all stuffed with golden scrumptiousness, our plates licked clean. I would have wanted to eat more shrimp tempura, but then, as I said, there were no more. We ended the dinner on a sweet note-with a bowl of sweet chocolate ice cream.

Sweet sweet chocolate ice cream...
The dinner was done, and I was sad to leave the table. It also meant that it was the end of the weekend and that dreadful Monday was tomorrow. Sunday nights are really sad-after all the weekend fun has gone away. Nevertheless, it was a golden dinner and it was one that I would savour in days to come-just like all other special Sunday dinners.

Oodles of goodbyes,


  1. congrats on the new blog little cousin :) Yummy tempura I'm sure! I miss you all!

  2. Oh my, now you made me hungry for some tempura!!!! Auntie Patsy from